Uni Tube

From the leader in gentle handling, the Uni Tube handles all your delicate products. It’s perfect for grains, seeds, beans and corn, and everything you need handled with care. The Uni Tube handles all material quietly with no damage. This includes abrasive type products; sand, salt, crushed glass and fertiliser. Being specially designed to ensure zero leakage, the Uni Tube is the answer for all your crops and commodities.

Uni Tube: the American Grain Handling Legend.

Belt: 22 inch belt
Length: 47 feet
Capacity: 350 tons p/hour*

  • Proven belt system handles all materials quietly with zero damage
  • High capacity full width hopper allows maximum capacity
  • Quality build and finish ensures zero leakage
  • Reliable fuel efficient Yanmar diesel engines
  • Ideal for all grains, beans, corn, fertiliser
  • Fingertip hydraulic movement control
  • Can drop or throw material
  • Simple easy to use controls
  • 2 year on farm warranty
Uni Tube
Uni Tube 1547

EFI diesel / petrol

Uni Tube 1590

PTO drive

Uni Tube 2265

Elec. drive

Uni Tube 2247

Elec. drive