Tubeline TL6000 Balewrapper Easily switch between round and square bales

Carine’s Merchandise are excited to introduce the TL6000, and a further range of balewrappers, thanks to FarmTech and Tubeline. Wrap your hay bales to lock in the moisture and provide high quality, high protein and more palatable forage for your livestock when compared to feeding them dry hay.

The TL6000 Balewrapper has the ability to easily switch between round and square bales. The unique system has been designed to prevent over-stretching of the plastic at the bottom of the bales.

It features a twin wrap kit that holds two rolls of film and passes them through a single stretcher, activating the wraps bonding compound to form a strong two ply layer of film. This tough wrap will stand up to tough hay stalks and is designed to fold them down as it wraps to prevent piercing. The combination of two sets of two rolls provides the same protection as four individual wraps, with the additional benefit of the durable bonded two ply film.

In addition, the TL6000 features Tubeline’s Film Snap easy cut wrap system, standard on all inline Balewrapper models.