Seed & Forage Bags Grain Inloader

Load your grain easily with an inloader from Seed & Forage Bags. The easy-to-operate design of the Seed & Forage Bagger will provide years of efficient service and ensure your grain is bagged quickly when needed.

Carines - Seed & Forage Bagger

Carine’s Merchandise is proud to offer the grain inloader from Seed & Forage Bags. The bagger offers an angled hopper to ensure all your grain ends up where it needs to be. The large 9 foot tunnel allows the grain to quickly be fed in either 60 or 75 metre bags. Paired with the high capacity filling auger, the Seed & Forage Bagger will have you loading your grain at speeds of 220+ tonnes per hour.

Work length 3450mm
Transport length 4620mm
Work height 3370mm
Transport height 3370mm
Work width 3640mm
Work width 2350mm
Grain tunnel 9ft
Bag size suitable for 60 and 75m
Brakes disc brakes
Auger high capacity (220+ tonnes per hour)