Richiger Grain Bagger

Save time during your harvest with a Richiger Grain Bagger. With great loading performance and an easy to use design, your loading process will be quick and simple. They’re specifically designed to be easily aligned and user friendly. Plus, these Richiger Grain Baggers have been designed to work under even the most demanding conditions, built to prevent auger inflicted damage and to work faster than other conventional machines.

For simple, effective performance, you can’t go past a Richiger from Carine’s Merchandise.

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The Richiger Grain Bagger is designed to provide grain compaction without loss or damage to the grain. The grain inloaders will allow any grain to be stored in grain bags including but not limited to wheat, soybeans, barley, chickpeas and rice. It is even possible to tag your bags where multiple types of grain are stored on the same property – and list detail of the moisture, the paddock it was taken from and the date of harvest on the bag.

The machine provides consistent stretching of plastic along the bag perimeter during the inload process and has been shown to complete the process at a faster working rate than conventional machines. All while requiring less power to complete the same work.

The advantages of a Richiger grain inloader:
1. More bushels per hour stored with less fuel usage
2. More efficient grain flow
3. The exposed auger will not damage grain
4. A better shaped bag holds more grain

Richiger Grain Bagger
Richiger R990

• 9' bags up to 500' long
• 16" auger diameter
• 25,000 bushel/hour capacity
• great for the medium to small producer

Richiger Grain Bagger
Richiger R1090

• 10' bags up to 500' long
• 24" auger diameter
• 50,000 bushel/hour capacity
• the best for option medium to large scale farming operations