Richiger EA-910 Grain Outloader

Make unloading your grain fast and smooth with the Richiger EA-910 Grain Bag Unloader. The state-of-the-art grain outloader is designed to go everywhere is an easy to operate machine that will quickly and efficiently discharge bag content due to updated optimised grain flow technology. The unsurpassed performance of the Richiger EA-910 provides the fast and efficient output of your grain. A strong and heavy duty frame built from sturdy components will guarantee years of trouble-free operation from the EA-910, in even the toughest working conditions.

For simple, effective performance, you can’t go past a Richiger from Carine’s Merchandise.

Carine's Merchandise-richiger-ea910

The new, patent pending, features of the Richiger EA-910 offers optimised grain flow requiring only modest tractor power. At just 60hp the task of outloading can be completed quicker and more efficiently with less energy expenditure.

The EA-910 is built with ease of use in mind. Designed to be easy to operate, a single worker can monitor the operation of the unloader, which runs automatically once the machine is up and running. An array of three simple levers provides the functionality to operate the machine in hydraulic functions: raising and lowering the discharge auger, setting ground clearance, turning the roller and regulating speed.

Suitable for bags 9 & 10 ft
Discharge rate up to 300 t/hr (12,000 bu/hr)
Tractor requirement minimum power 60hp
Drive mechanical and hydraulic
PTO speed 540rpm
Tires 11L-15/1-ply
Weight 1,800kg