Richiger E6910 Grain Outloader

Make unloading your grain a breeze with the Richiger E6910 Grain Bag Unloader. The first ever automated grain bag unloader to enter the market in the early 2000’s that has continued to stand the test of time. It remains to be the industry leader design for hydraulic roller outloaders, and evolved to the E6910 you see today; sleek, trim and as always – a strong commitment to technical excellence. The unsurpassed performance of the Richiger E6910 provides the fast and efficient output of your grain.

For simple, effective performance, you can’t go past a Richiger from Carine’s Merchandise.

Carine's Merchandise-richiger-6910
Suitable for bags 9 & 10 ft
Discharge rate up to 350 t/hr (13,800 bu/hr)
Tractor requirement minimum power 60hp
Drive mechanical and hydraulic
PTO speed 540rpm
Sweep augers configurable for 9' and 10' bag sizes
Tires 11L-15/1-ply