Plastar Grain Bags

Carine’s Merchandise offer a range of grain bags to safely and securely store your grain after harvest. We are proud to stock and recommend Plastar grain bags to ensure optimal grain preservation. Designed to accompany the Richiger Grain Bagging system, the grain bags can be used for storage at either the harvest site or a dedicated store site.

Use a Richiger grain bagger to load your grain into Plastar grain bags. The process is quick and easy, and eliminates the need for costly on-farm storage.

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Built strong to protect your grain, Plastar grain bags can withstand extreme heat and cold, making them suitable for all weather conditions. Limit your need for chemicals and pesticides by storing your grain in an airtight Plastar grain bag for protection against insects.

Grain bags offer exceptionally low costs per ton of sorted grain. Separate grain into different bags to store your product by variety, grade or protein. Plus, enjoy unlimited storage options when you purchase the required bags needed for storage each season.

Plastar grain bags are the thickest in the industry and designed to save you time and money by allowing you to store your grain in the paddock it was harvested from. Built tough, the grain bags will not attract pests. Due to the durable design and thickness of Plastar grain bags, unless there is a major grain spill or a puncture hole in the bag, pests will not be able to smell the grain from outside the bag – ensuring protection year round. Plus the Plastar grain bags are built to store your grain for up to two years without issue.

Designed with the producer in mind, feel confident in the knowledge that there will be no decrease in the grade of grain inside the grain bag – allowing you to take out exactly what you put in.

Available in a range of sizes, Plastar grain bags are the perfect option for Richiger grain baggers:
• 9′ wide x 60m length
• 9′ wide x 75m length
• 9′ wide x 100m length
• 10′ wide x 75m length
• 10′ wide x 100m length