Notch Box Blade

Notch Box Blades brought to you by Carine’s and Notch offer the affordable alternative to your on-farm earth moving needs. Available from sizes 12ft to 20ft, the advantage with the Notch Box Blade is the ability to carry dirt to allow for easier and more efficient smoothing and finishing. Notch Box Blades can also be fitted with laser control for irrigation contouring or the latest software for ground contouring.

The beauty of the Notch Box Blade is the simplicity and flexibility allowed by being able to lift either side independently of the other, allowing you to use it for traditional grading, paddock levelling, seed bed preparation, drainage or any other earth moving task. Talk to the team at Carine’s today and they’ll show you how simple yet versatile the Notch Box Blade is.

carines-merchandise-notch blade 14ft
  • Sizes 12ft, 14ft, 16ft, 18ft and 20ft
  • Tractor hp required 150-300hp – requires 15hp per foot to tow
  • Lift and tilt
  • Carries up to 7m3 of dirt
  • Great for final grading paddocks, re-lasering, land levelling or cleaning out drains