Minos Agri T-OT Rotary Hay Rake

The Minos Agri T-OT Rotary Hay Rake with rotors, distributed by FarmTech, is an ideal machine for handling hay. It facilitates the picking and bailing of harvested feed plants to your trailer or bailing unit. The rotary hay rake is highly manoeuvrable with a wide range of functions. Even better, it requires low horse power to operate. The Rotary Rake leaves clean stubble and doesn’t leave any stones or similar objects in the affected grass.

The rake arms of the machine can be disassembled, reducing the total length as the Rotary Rake folds suitably for safe transport.

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T-OT-370-9 3.7m

Working Width: 3700mm
Transport Width: 1600mm
Rotor Diameter: 3705mm
No. of spring tines per arm 6
No of arms: 9
Working speed: 13km/hr
Machine weight: 377kg

T-OT-424-11 4.2m

Working Width: 4200mm
Transport Width: 1800mm
Rotor Diameter: 3705mm
No. of spring tines per arm 8
No of arms: 11
Working speed: 15km/hr
Machine weight: 488kg