Kwik Till

The Kwik Till speed disc offers high speed tillage ideally suited to broadacre weed management, canola tillage, rice tillage and general irrigation tillage. Designed and manufactured to last, the Kwik Till will provide years of hassle free work.

Often called a quick till or also know as a high speed disc, it offers unprecedented tillage results. Designed and refined over thousands of field hours, the Kwik Till is manufactured to distribute the weight between the roller at the back of the machine, and the high flotation tyres at the front. Allowing for a depth to be set with simple and easy to operate hydraulic ram collars – resulting in accurate depth across the field.

Available in a range of widths ranging from 8ft-45ft towable and 8ft-20ft three point linkage machines.

  • Sizes 20ft, 26ft, 30ft, 34ft and 50ft
  • 10-15hp per foot required, depending on soil
  • Forward folding design makes for easy field to road transport
  • Narrow transport width
  • Fitted with Goodyear Superflot AG tires (Large contact area, reduces ground-bearing pressure)
  • Relbrication-free
  • Rubber Torsion Suspension System (Allows discs to follow contour of the land)
  • 20″ Plain Flat Center Disc Blade
  • 20″ Notched Flat Center Disc Blade
  • Cage Roller
  • Rubber Roller (Optional)
  • Spring Packer (Optional)