Kwik Kleen

Kwik Kleen is the fast, effective and affordable way to maximise your returns.

The Kwik Kleen is used to size and clean a large variety of grains, including wheat, barley, chickpeas and more. It’s the perfect farming option, large enough to keep up, whilst still being portable and compact.

  • Run machine at 520-550 revs for wheat & barley.
  • This is measured by pointing RPM metre at bottom of auger with tab on it.
  • Black lever near hydraulic hoses is to control hydraulic flow, to set speed.
  • Ensure you slow machine down prior to turning off, as you should not restart machine on full on full revs.
  • Yellow handle is to control flow of grain into machine to ensure even flow to all tubes.
  • The steeper you run the machine the more screenings etc the machine will take out.
  • Ensure to stop grain and allow cleaner to empty out at finish of each run. Makes it much easier to restart machine or shift.
  • If changing screens, ensure to refit with seam facing clockwise.
  • Clean down screens and machine at finish of hire, to the standard it was provided.
  • There are 2 slides at bottom of machine to was machine out.

Note: The Kwik Kleen is not suitable for highway towing.

A large range of screen sizes are available to suit your grain requirements.

Round Hole
2.0mm (5/64) Flax Conola
2.35mm (6/64) Oats
2.70mm (7/64) Small Wheat
3.18mm (8/64) Wheat, Barley, Rice
3.55mm (9/64) Durum, Large Wheat, sizing Wheat & Soyabeans
3.95mm (10/64) Soyabeans, Oil Sunflowers, Chickpeas, Lupins, Peas
4.75mm (12/64) Corn & Sizing Oil Sunflowers
5.55mm (14/64) Corn, Soyabeans & Confectionary Sunflowers
6.35mm (16/64) Corn, Confectionary Sunflowers
7.95mm (20/64) Sizing Confectionary Sunflowers
Slotted Hole (slotted holes are 20mm wide)
1.00mm (2.5/64) Canola
2.00mm (5/64) Canola
2.35mm (6/64) Sizing Barley
2.55mm (6.5/64) Sizing Barley
2.70mm (7/64) Sizing Barley
3.17mm (6/64) Corn & Beans
3.55mm (9/64) Corn, Beans, Chickpeas & Peas
3.95mm (9/64) Corn, Beans, Chickpeas & Peas
4.75mm (12/64) Corn, Beans, Chickpeas & Peas
  • Majority of cleaning done by sides and tops of tubes
  • Electric or hydraulic drive option
  • Variable speed control & grain-feed adjustment
  • Removable transport hitch
  • Collapsible screengings auger for transport and storage
  • Spring loaded hopper
Kwik Kleen 572

Cleans up to 70 tonne/hour.
Length: 2.7m / 9ft
Weight: 430kg approx.
Width: 1.45m / 4ft 10″

Kwik Kleen 772

Cleans up to 100 tonne/hour.
Length: 2.7m / 9ft
Weight: 520kg approx.
Width: 1.8m / 6ft