Farm Tech Spreader

Farm Tech’s selection of fertiliser spreaders and multispreaders includes the XT range from Teagle with removable hopper for easy maintenance as well as the Unia MX series of dual spinner broadcasters with up to 36m spreading width. The Agromaster brands (KS, IPS and IOD/IODD) are built strong with poly hoppers and stainless steel frames for a long lasting implement and quality spread.

Carine's Merchandise Spreaders 1

Unia RCW Trailed Spreaders

Agromaster Viking Belt Spreader
Available models: V1500, V3000, V3000L, V4000L

Agromaster Multispreader
Available with single spinner or double spinner

Agromaster Broadcaster spreaders
Available in SPL, Pendular or Trailed configurations

Agromaster GS2 double spinner spreaders

Teagle XT Fertiliser Broadcasters

Unia MX Broadcasters

Agromaster ILS Lime Spreader
Available in 1.2m 300L, 2.0m 500L, 2.4m 700L

Agromaster IE Series Air Seeder
Available in 70L, 70L SS/C, 100L, 100L SS/C, 180L, 180L SS/C

SuperVario Spreaders