Dondi 800 Series Subsoiler

The Dondi 809 Subsoiler, part of Dondi’s 800 Series Subsoiler range, is particularly suited to replace ploughing, since it can handle work at depths of up to 50/60 cm, with a working width that makes the use of subsoilers one of the most cost-effective systems available today. The special 45-degree inclination of the anchor makes the Dondi subsoiler efficient for rapid soil penetration and cost-effective because it significantly reduces traction effort through easy passage of the soil on the anchor, while also offering improved turning of the sods to ensure that surface residue is covered.

All the anchors have a high-resistance pull-bolt safety device.

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The Dondi 809 is the ideal tool for uniform breakup of the soil at the desired depth. The objective of this type of work is to eliminate water pooling wherever necessary. This helps drain the land and eliminate crop losses. It also helps the soil retain moisture during dry spells, ensuring a better harvest.

The combined version with an adjustable double rear roller handles work in two areas: the breaking plough breaks up the soil in depth while the opposed rollers handle initial surface work, levelling the land evenly and facilitating subsequent finishing operations for the sowing bed.

The option of having substantial work widths and the dual-operation feature make this machine a useful work tool that significantly shortens operations, yielding greater profit.

Completely dismountable and adjustable modular frame.

  • Anchor inclination at 26°
  • Depth-adjustment wheels
  • Winged sod breakup device
  • Sod containment kit
  • Tungsten tool point
  • Universal fast-coupling trolley
  • Mechanical double roller with struts
  • Hydraulic double roller with struts
  • Spreader kit for localised fertilisation
Tines 9
HP 370
Depth 600mm
Width 4500mm