Auger Torque

Auger Torque set the standard in the Earth Drill and Trencher Attachment market in 1998. By working closely with the manufactures of parent machines, engineering designers have been able to develop new products in tandem with new model releases, meaning you continually have access to the top of the range, new machinery.

Auger Torque pride themselves on making machinery that performs faultlessly for long periods of time. They’re reliable, cost-effective and engineered to endure tough environments without fail. By guaranteeing world-class reliability and avoiding costly repairs, you can place your trust in their range of high quality earthmoving attachments.


A wide range of Auger Torque products are available including:

MT 900 Trencher Euro Hitch MT Combi Chain 900 x 150 ST
1800kg Euro Hitch Pallet Forks
1500kg Euro Hitch Pallet Forks
Earth Drill 3000 Max drive unit
Hedge Trimmer 1500mm

Carine’s Merchandise stock Auger Torque products for every need, including:

Auger torque drive units
Auger torque range of Trenchers
Auger torque mixer bowls
Auger torque hedge trimmers
Auger torque pallet forks
Auger torque aluminium ramps
Auger torque skid steer brooms
Auger torque spreader bars