Wheel Loaders

XCMG XC938 Wheel Loader
The XCMG XC938 is a new generation of loader. It's powerful, rugged, energy efficient, safe, comfortable, and easy to maintain. The XCMG XC938 is best suited to various construction projects, gravel plants, and municipal construction....
XCMG XC948 Wheel Loader
The XCMG XC948 is developed for the Australian market. The XC948 meets Tier3 emission standard and includes a rear-flip engine hood and side-flip cab, making maintenance more convenient. The XC948 is comfortable in operation, fuel-efficient,...
XCMG XC958 Wheel Loader
The XCMG XC958 is powerful, rugged, energy-efficient, safe, and comfortable with easy maintenance. 6000 Hour / 3 Year Factory-backed Warranty