Chemical Handling System - Manufactured in Australia

It's not just a batching tank it will fill your sprayer faster than any other system.

  • Fills faster as it uses the direct suction of the Banjo pump to induct liquid chemicals.
  • Induct and mix granular chemicals with speed and ease into the poly tank. (Foaming in the sprayer tank is virtually nil).
  • Cone botton tanks are easier to agitate chemicals in, granular chemicals cannot settle in the bottom of them and theyare faster to empty.
  • Reduces engine hours and depreciation on your tractor or self-propelled sprayer by onboard Honda Engine
  • Safety is increased by using Banjo "Drymate" valves and "Micromatic" fittings that greatly reduce the risk of chemical exposure.
  • Rinse drums easily with a push down drum rinse nozzle. Tank rinse nozzle also fitted.
  • Manufactured using a poly tank and a galvanized frame manufactured in Australia. High quality "Banjo" pumps and fittings manufactured in the U.S.A
  • The "Honda" approved mounting system gives a "3 year" warranty on the engine.
  • Many options available (Example: we can install fittings to rinse out your chemical induction hoses)
  • Availble with 2", 2" full bore or 3" full bore fittongs. 2" and 3" Banjo poly pumps. Tanks are available in 350L, 600L, 850L and 1100L (other sizes on request).
  • A model using "Load cells and weighing indicator" is availble giving the most accurate measing of chemicals.