MacPhersons Glyphosate Bi-Dri Herbicide

MacPhersons Glyphosate Bi-Dri Herbicide is;

  • Based on new granulation technology that produces a high quality, free-flowing granule of glyphosate.
  • High strength - 700g/kg glyphosate, twice the strength of comparative liquid glyphosate formulations.
  • Based on the mono-ammonium salt of glyphosate, which results in a faster uptake into the plant than other liquid glyphosate formulations that are based on isopropylamine salts.
  • Fully registered for use in Australia by the APVMA - Approval Number 58946.

General Description

This product is a non-volatile, water soluble granule with non-selective herbicidal activity against many annual and perennial broadleaf weeds and grasses. This product is absorbed by plant foliage and green stems. It is inactivated immediately in the soil and does not provide residual weed control. This product moves through the plant from the point of contact and into the root system. Visible effects on annual weeds take 3-7 days, but on perennial weeds may not be obvious for 2-3 weeks or longer in some cases. Visible effects of control may be delayed by cool or cloudy weather at and following treatment.

Registered for Aquatic Situations

MacPhersons Bi-Dri is “Frog-Friendly” and has received approval from the APVMA as a low-aquatic toxicity formulation of glyphosate that is registered for use along water-ways, channels and other aquatic areas as per the Directions for Use.

Benefits of MacPhersons Glyphosate Bi-Dri Herbicide

  • Twice the active strength of comparitive Glyphosate 360 liquids - that is 500g of MacPhersons Bi-Dri equals 1 Litre of a Glyphosate 360
  • Improved OH&S - no more lifting 20L (24kg) drums of Glyphosate 360 as an equivalent pack of MacPhersons BI-Dri weighs just 10kg
  • No empty plastic drums to dispose of or return under the DrumMuster program

Pack sizes available

  • 500g Measure Pack
  • 10kg Poly Bag
  • 10kg Carton


To download a brochure click the following link Glyphosate Bi-dri Brochure.