Terms & Conditions

If you wish for Carine’s to demo machine at time of hire, you must have the following:

  • Grain ready to clean.
  • Ensure your grain is suitable to be cleaned, eg high moisture grain is difficult to clean.
  • Machinery organised to handle grain to and from machine.
  • An area that is practical to work in and operate machine.
  • Discussed with Carine’s to ensure correct screens are in machine at time of hire.
  • Provide an estimate as to how many days you will require machine.
  • Keep in contact with Carine’s to confirm finish date for hire.
  • Grain weighing scales and shakers are provided with hire.
  • The machine comes with tow pull, it is not suitable for towing up main road.
  • Manual provided.
  • Grain Trade Australia link on web site to assist with grain standards.

*standard screens supplied, special screens available at additional cost.