John Berends Implements

John Berends Implements was established on the 6th October 1966, by John Berends at a weatherboard house in Narre Warren, Victoria, manufacturing grader blades, rippers, car trailers and carryalls. Carines Merchandise now stocks a range of equipment. For more information and pricing please contact Andrew.


  • Heavy Duty model designed for rugged conditiions
  • 6mm top deck
  • 75HP gearbox - optional italian upgrade
  • Series 5 Italian pto sharf with slip clutch
  • 5' (1.5m), 6' (1.8m) and 7' (2.0m) sizes
  • Dual mount (center and offset) with floating headstock
  • Standard with front/rear chain guards
  • Options include galvanizing and wheelkits
HD Post Hole Digger

  • 85 HP Italian Gearbox
  • Series 3 Italian pto shaft with 3 row torque limiting clutch
  • 89 x 89 x 5mm main boom
  • Fitted with auger control handle for easy positioning
  • Augers available in all sizes from 4" to 24" diamter, all fitted with replaceable teeth and pilot
  • Suits 30+ HP tractors
Planetary Drive
Hydraulic Down Pressure

  • Hydraulic driven European gearbox eliminates the need for a pto shaft. Can also be operated in reverse if entangled in roots.
  • 100 x 100 x 6mm main boom
  • 2.5" x 8" hydraulic ram transfers approximately 1000kg of weight from the tractor onto the auger. Ideal for penetrating hard ground.
  • Augers available in sizes from 4" to 24" diameter, all fitted with replaceable teeth and pilot
  • Suits 40+ HP tractors
EHD Grader Blade

  • Extra Heavy Duty model fitted with 100mm Moulboard (500mm high clearance with extra support on the rear of the blade)
  • Reversible hardened cutting edge
  • Fitted with high tensile 66mm pivot pin
  • 24 angle positions (360 degree) can be adujusted from the tractor seat
  • Tilt via ratched at rear of blade (or optional hyraulics)
  • 6 offset positions provide up to 600mm offset each side
  • 7' (2.1m) and 8' (2.4m) sizes
  • Suits tractors 60-120HP
Trailing Road Graders

  • 10' trailing model with hydraulic angle, tilt and wheel-lift
  • Optional offset available
  • Over 7m long and approximately 2500kg weight
  • Centre beam 250 x 250 x 12.5mm tube
  • Optional linkage hitch
  • Patened turntable angle adjustment
  • Ideal for grading roads
  • Suits 100HP plus
  • 10mm Mouldboard - 500mm high clearance
  • Reversible Hardened Cutting Edge
  • Fitted with four Land Cruiser Wheels
GM 40 - HD
Linkage Offset Discs

  • Heavily weighted discs ideals for 45 to 90HP tractors
  • 1 1/8" (28mm) square high tensile axles
  • Greaseable flange sealed bearings
  • Available in 18, 20, 22 and 24 plate moodels
  • Fitted with 22" x 5mm discs or 24" x 5mm discs
  • Solid cast spools provide 82kg to 940kg in weight
  • Optional scrapers available
Silage Fork

  • Two tapered Conus II high tensile spikes for transporting round bales. Suits tightly wrapped silage bags
  • Tine spaced at 32" for lifting pallets
  • Lifting capacity of 1000kg
  • Various tine lengths available
Bale Fork
  • Two 2" high tensile spikes for transporting round bales
  • Tine spaced at 32" for lifting pallets
  • Lifting capacity of 1000kg
  • Optional 6' carryall platform can be fitted

 More equipent from John Berends Implements can be found on their website. To visit their website click the image below.

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